Zachovávame prírodné zdroje, chránime životné prostredie

Preserving natural resources

Electronic and electrical appliances contain valuable raw materials and precious metals such as copper, silver, gold or palladium. For this reason, proper recycling of WEEE is an important and responsible task for sustainable, resource-efficient and environmentally conscious behavior.

Especially in times of increasing scarcity of resources, therefore, the question of efficient recovery of raw materials is more and more important, and keeps in the industry as well as in society a high priority. Here, the challenge is to optimize the recycling processes to ensure efficient and effective recovery of raw materials.

Supportive Recycling accepts this challenge by expertise and know-how in the classification of materials according to their raw materials content, through professional processing for recycling, the associated depollution, through the use of modern recycling technologies and cost-effective recycling processes and especially through continuous training of our employees.

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