About Us

The company OFIR - Julio TABI Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is authorized company in the field of waste management. The main business is processing waste from electrical and electronic equipment and industrial waste from electrical production. By processing of "electrical" waste, it is possible to obtain valuable raw materials, re-usable in the production of new products. Our values are therefore clear: Ecology - Efficiency - Finance.

Reliability and willingness

The goal of OFIR - Julio TABI Ltd. has long been to protect the environment and continually improve method of recycling electronic waste and recover it. We are continually building a successful and stable company whose standards will continue to follow the principle: seriousness, friendliness and long-term cooperation.

We are a partner of Supportive Recycling Group, which is the establishment of a fully independent and self-financed company. In connection with the expansion of trade and in addition to the existing sites in Germany and Slovakia, from 2011 we opened new sites in Poland and Turkey. We work closely with specialized companies dealing with metal smelting and recycling in Europe and the rest of the world. The latest technology and great know-how in the area of WEEE allowed us to become leading European company in our field.

By deciding to become your partner, you are at the same time deciding for an economically strong, innovative, serious and accommodating company.

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Certifikát ISO 14001

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Company ID: 36527581
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