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We preserve natural resources. We protect the environment. Environmental sustainability is our commitment.

Electrotechnical production is a complex process, requiring a large amount of rare materials. Our task is to return these materials from your waste to the beginning of production as inputs. We have many years of experience, thanks to which we can offer you the best conditions for your industrial electrical waste. We will provide collection containers for your waste, its transport to our operation, ecological evaluation and the administrative-legislative process of its recycling. - recyklujeme elektroodpad

We are aware that your brand is the result of many years of work and efforts of your employees. We have complete technological equipment and will ensure that your product undergoes ecological and economically efficient processing with an emphasis on the disposal of the commercial value stored in the product. We also ensure the destruction of all data contained in the products. Your waste is constantly under our supervision, we have a security and camera system, we weigh the waste with our own vehicles or we hire verified transporters with a permit to transport WEEE within the EU.

We service a wide range of industries and business sectors, including:

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We belong to the Supportive Recycling Group, which has been a fully independent and self-financed company since its foundation. In connection with the expansion of the business, since 2011, in addition to operations in Germany and Slovakia, our group has opened new collection yards and service locations in Poland and Turkey.