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We preserve natural resources. We protect the environment. Environmental sustainability is our commitment.

Company profile

The company OFIR – Julio TABI s.r.o. was founded in 1998. We are an authorized waste management company. The main business is the processing of discarded electrical and electronic equipment and industrial waste from electrotechnical production.

By processing any amount of e-waste, it is possible to obtain valuable raw materials that can be reused for the production of new products. Our values are therefore clear: Ecology – Efficiency – Finance.

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Reliability and willingness

Our goal is to protect the environment in the long term and to constantly improve the method of recycling electronic waste, to make it more valuable.

We are thus building a stable company, whose standard will continue to be guided by the principles of: seriousness, friendliness and long-term cooperation. Our customers especially value the professional approach and flexible solutions tailored to their needs.

We are a partner of Supportive Recycling Group, which is the establishment of a fully independent and self-financed company.

In connection with the expansion of trade and in addition to the existing sites in Germany and Slovakia, from 2011 we opened new sites in Poland and Turkey. We work closely with specialized companies dealing with metal smelting and recycling in Europe and the rest of the world. The latest technology and great know-how in the area of WEEE allowed us to become leading European company in our field.

By deciding to become your partner, you are at the same time deciding for an economically strong, innovative, serious and accommodating company.

Effective recycling and the environment

Preserving natural resources

Electronic and electrical appliances contain valuable raw materials and precious metals such as copper, silver, gold or palladium. For this reason, proper recycling of WEEE is an important and responsible task for sustainable, resource-efficient and environmentally conscious behavior.

Especially in times of increasing scarcity of resources, therefore, the question of efficient recovery of raw materials is more and more important, and keeps in the industry as well as in society a high priority. Here, the challenge is to optimize the recycling processes to ensure efficient and effective recovery of raw materials.

Supportive Recycling accepts this challenge by expertise and know-how in the classification of materials according to their raw materials content, through professional processing for recycling, the associated depollution, through the use of modern recycling technologies and cost-effective recycling processes and especially through continuous training of our employees.

We protect the environment

Electrical and electronic devices contain precious metals such as copper, silver, gold or palladium. In addition to these valuable materials, it contains dangerous elements that must be properly disposed of with strict environmental supervision. For this reason, recycling the waste is a responsible task.

With our qualifications, many years of experience and the use of the most modern technologies, we take responsibility for environmentally friendly behavior – from the collection and transportation of material, through the qualified processing and disposal of hazardous substances, to the efficient mining of raw materials and precious metals for reuse.

Management systems

Quality and environmental management are integral elements of our company. In all areas of the company it is implemented permanently and systematically and mainly contributes to an effective and environmentally conscious working.

Thanks to this approach, we guarantee that we will meet or exceed the quality requirements of our customers, suppliers and partners. Our certificates serve as proof that we accept these challenges and are a visible sign of proven quality.

Supportive Recycling Group

We are a member of Supportive Recycling Group. With over 80 employees in four different locations in Europe, the company provides a complete service for the recycling and treatment of waste from electrical and electronic equipment. Collection sites and service locations are in Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Turkey and are processing annually more than 20,000 tons of material, with an annual turnover exceeding 20 million EUR.

Supportive Recycling Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of trade and treatment of WEEE. The company works closely with the world’s leading refiners of precious metals and secondary raw materials.
As an established global company, Supportive Recycling Group aims to improve its position in the European market and to increase the competitive edge of its business partners.

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ofir.sk - recyklujeme elektroodpad
Supportive Recycling Group service locations and collection yards

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We belong to the Supportive Recycling Group, which has been a fully independent and self-financed company since its foundation. In connection with the expansion of the business, since 2011, in addition to operations in Germany and Slovakia, our group has opened new collection yards and service locations in Poland and Turkey.