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We preserve natural resources. We protect the environment. Environmental sustainability is our commitment.

Complete Recycling Solutions from a Single Source

Supportive Recycling offers a comprehensive spectrum of solutions for collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE. Thanks to our long lasting experience in the WEEE recycling and waste management we are able to offer our customers customized and value-optimized waste management solutions from a single source – from full-service solutions to individual services. Due to our worldwide network, we are able to trade with materials of all kinds on the world market and achieve optimal value for our customers. Our clients include manufacturers and service centers in various industries, commercial and industrial companies, as well as state and private waste management companies.
Precious Metals Refining

Electric and Electronic Equipments, like Mobiles, Laptops, PC’s or Servers, contain a wide range of elements and various precious metals, such as gold, silver and palladium. On the basis of our enhanced expertise and specialised knowledge on the correct separation and homogenisation of recyclables, we can guarantee our customers the highest possible level of value for their WEEE materials.

Collection and Transportation

Through our comprehensive network of specialized transport companies, we ensure the correct transport of WEEE. Our service includes the provision of adequate collection and transport containers. In addition our logistics specialists take care to the organization and to logistics-related activities, such as monitoring, documentation or customs clearance. This enables us to guarantee our customers comprehensive collection and transport solutions – safe, flexible and compliant to legal requirements.

WEEE Processing and Recycling

In the treatment of WEEE we obtain marketable secondary raw materials for recycling by manual and mechanical processing techniques.

With our long lasting an skilled experience and using state-of-the-art technologies we meet the legal requirements.

With our modern processing techniques, we guarantee 100% detection and removal of pollutants and maximize recycling rates.

Thus, we are able to obtain valuable materials and provide marketable secondary raw materials, environmentally friendly, efficient and in a sustainable way.

Dismantling, Disassembling and Depollution

WEEE materials recorded by weight are properly dismantled, disassembled and 100% pollutant removed at our site.

The obtained fractions were then separated in the next operations in the sorting line according to their value.

Pollutant-containing fractions are collected in suitable special containers, then disposed properly and environmentally friendly.

Separation and Homogenisation

Our sorting and separation infrastructure is focused on the precious metal value contain and ensures the highest possible precious metal recovery rates.

With years of experience and our analysis expertise in this field we are able to sort and separate WEEE input materials precisely according to their precious metal content.

The result is homogeneous output material for the precious metal recovery. Thus, not only our customers have an advantage, where they get the highest possible value for their recycling materials from us, but also our environment!

Data Destruction Service
The safe and legally compliant management of customer and corporate data is in times of growing amounts of data more and more important. The digital data must not only be securely managed, but after their use also securely deleted, whether data on Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Tablet PC’s or Hard drives.
Special Solutions

Resource-effective recycling management as a part of holistic life cycle management and especially in an increase of environmental awareness, limited availability of raw materials, increased raw-material prices and limited capacity of the environment for waste and emissions, is more and more important.

During all stages of the product life cycle Supportive Recycling offers its customers special solutions, such as

  • Recycling of Components
  • Product Recycling
  • Re-Distribution
  • Re-Furbishment, Re-use
  • Re-Marketing
Documentation and Monitoring

During the entire recycling process, from collection, sorting, dismantling, processing, separation and homogenisation to refining of recyclables, we control and document all relevant process steps according to our high quality standards and the actual WEEE Directive and Waste Regulations.

As a part of Monitoring we provide our customers with all required documents, such as mass flow verification reports or waste disposal certificates.

At request we provide our customers with individual and continuously analysis and sorting result reports for their recyclable materials.

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We belong to the Supportive Recycling Group, which has been a fully independent and self-financed company since its foundation. In connection with the expansion of the business, since 2011, in addition to operations in Germany and Slovakia, our group has opened new collection yards and service locations in Poland and Turkey.