Secure destruction of sensitive data by shredding

The safe and legally compliant management of customer and corporate data is in times of growing amounts of data more and more important. The digital data must not only be securely managed, but after their use also securely deleted, whether data on Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Tablet PC's or Hard disks.

A safe method to achieve sustained and irrevocably destroy of data medium, is crushing (shredding). In this case, the smaller the pieces, the more secure data destruction is done.

As experts in the disposal and recycling of electronic equipment, Supportive Recycling offers the safe and certified data destruction in accordance to DIN 66399.

Supportive Recycling has the necessary special equipment and high performance shredder to crush the data medium according to DIN 66399 standard in smallest particles.

Thus, the reproduction of the data is impossible. The shredded particles are then fed to the furhter proper recycling steps to recover the base and precious metals.

From collection, safe transport and secure data destruction by shredding up to recycling we guarantee absolute safety processes.

Let us convince you of our service. By request we will send you according to you needs our data destruction offer. Or make an appointment directly at your site with our specialists for legally compliant data destruction.

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